Community Impact

The Festival has an impact of 1.8 million dollars in direct economic contribution to Sandpoint each year during the Festival.

If the Festival did not exist, the regional economy would shrink by this much during the time period. This does not include significant indirect or trickle down effect.

  • The Festival generates $1-2 million dollars in accommodations impact per year.
  • 25 FTE jobs are created throughout Sandpoint because of the Festival.
  • A significant number of visitors who come to the Festival are in the high income bracket.
  • 52% of ticket holders are from out of the state. Most are couples, then parties of four.
  • The average ticket holder spends $62 per visit on dining and $49 on shopping in Sandpoint.
  • The Festival generates sales and property taxes over $100,000 to the State of Idaho each year.
  • So Festival supporters can feel great about supporting a local, non-profit organization that enhances the cultural life of our community while giving a huge boost to our economy!

** Study conducted by the University of Idaho’s College of Business and Economics.