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The Festival at Sandpoint

Our Mission

The Festival at Sandpoint exists to make Exceptional musicians and great performances accessible to the community and the surrounding region.

Mission Objectives

  • The Festival strives to cultivate cultural and ethnic diversity and to pursue all opportunities to inspire, enlighten, and educate our community with the greatest possible music and performing arts of the world: forms new and old, artists known and unknown
  • The Festival strives to present a range of classical symphonic, jazz, blues, folk, world, family and popular music, at prices which are affordable to our local audiences, thereby making Sandpoint a better place to live.
  • The Festival strives to present its concerts in an intimate setting which celebrates the natural beauty, and charm of our small city, thereby making Sandpoint a better place to visit.

Meet the festival team!

The group of amazing gals and guys who make this event possible



Paul Gunter
Production Manager,

Board of Directors

Grant Nixon, President

Bob Witte, Vice President

Amy Bistline, Secretary

Jason Hicks, Treasurer

Cari House, Past President

Directors: Ali Baranski, David Marx, Dan Meulenberg, Marcella Nelson, Kendon Perry, Marilyn Sabella, Susie Summerhill.

Joanne Pennington Kelly, Advisory Board Chair

The Festival at Sandpoint Board

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